Explore the beauty of Oman

Oman sits at the south-eastern edge of the middle east, A country full of majestic Mountains, Luxury beach resorts and verdant Wadis in the middle of rolling Deserts. And the Empty Quarter – a quarter of a million square meters of unbelievable, awesome emptiness. Oman is a beautiful place, too. Your photographs of small, age-old towns nestling between towering mountains, palm groves and lush, terraced fields will surprise anyone who has not experienced this region for themselves.

Which will be most people, because this Sultanate - poised at the mouth of the Arabian Gulf - is comparatively untouched by Western tourism. The country is a nature lovers paradise too, with turtle nesting sites and plenty of opportunities for whale and Dolphin watching.

Why Visit Oman

  • A chance to experience one of the oldest civilization in the region, where the land of Arabian nights come to life
  • Romantic and secluded, Oman is perfect for honeymoon or just couples looking to get away together and enjoy the natural peace and quiet
  • If you're a bit of a shopper you can enjoy an authentic Omani experience and keep an eye out for bargain buys at traditional Arabic souks in the historic city of Muscat
  • Go on dolphin or whale watching expeditions – these majestic creatures often come surprisingly close to the coast so your boat trip might not take as long as you think
  • Enjoy rugged desert safaris while knowing that the comfort of amazing accommodation is never far away


  • Oman is the only independent Arab state, ruled by the Al-Said family since 1744
  • The ruler of Oman is known as the Sultan
  • Traditionally, Omanis eat their food on the floor or ground with the food spread on a cloth
  • Oman is the only country in Arabia were bullfighting is a tradition
  • Until 1970 there were no hotels in Oman at all!
  • Oman is famous for its intricate doors - even the simplest houses have beautiful doors